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SMöLTAP x Brown Invents 2023

Brown University's annual Showcase event brings together researchers, students, and the community to celebrate the innovative work happening across campus. This year's event, held on October 6, 2023, featured a wide range of projects, from exploring the mysteries of the universe to developing new solutions for global challenges.

One of the many highlights of the Showcase was the participation of the SMöLTAP infant spinal tap solution. This innovative project is transforming the way infant spinal taps are being performed all across the country at leading hospitals and medical facilities.

The Showcase provided a valuable platform for SMöLTAP to share our work with the wider community and generate excitement about the potential of SMöLTAP is facilities across the United States. It also allowed us to connect with other researchers and explore potential collaborations.

Brown University's Showcase is a testament to the institution's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and discovery. By bringing together researchers from various disciplines, the event sparks new ideas and collaborations that can lead to groundbreaking advancements.

In addition to SMöLTAP, the showcase featured many other fascinating projects. If you'd like to learn more about the specific research showcased at the event, you can find more information on the Brown University website.

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