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Designed with Care

SMöLTAP helps to redirect the care team’s focus from hold dependency to tap accuracy. Our positioning cradle helps to improve the tap procedure by making the process more consistent and replicable.



Development process.

In conjunction with Industrial Design experts at Nelsen Product Development, SMöLTAP went through extensive user research, prototyping iterations, user testing, and manufacturing processes to achieve a tried and tested product. Directly validated by hospitalists in New England across a variety of hospitals, SMöLTAP adheres to the highest standards of manufacturing to ensure a long lasting and quality product. 


Device features.


The SMöLTAP molded cradle configures the child in a natural, upright, forward-leaning position and ensures that the spine is in an ideal orientation for a successful procedure. The infant’s face peers through an opening, where a sugar-dipped pacifier can be offered along with the calming presence of a nurse or parent.

Secure hold.

A stiff flat grounded plate with rubber stoppers ensures the position of the device, and therefore the child, remains stationary. Our device is so strong you can probably stand on it!

Highly adjustable.

Two soft straps hold the child securely in the cradle to reduce the likelihood of movement during the tap, shifting the team’s focus to tap accuracy. A sliding shoulder guard further helps to accommodate infants of all sizes and allow for a comfortable fit.


With the team’s focus shifted away from holding the infant still, they can focus on keeping the patient comfortable and calm. With this shift, doctors now have range of motion and free hands to focus on tap accuracy, instead of baby position and hold.

Redefining care standards. 

Looking beyond just device, the SMöLTAP cradle completely restructures the experience of infant spinal taps for a safer, more accurate, and more replicable process. This reimagined spinal tap experience directly impacts the economics of pediatric care teams and hospitals.

May lower care team’s stress

by defining a predictable, trainable solution

Seeks to reduce patient and parent stress 

which can impact patient satisfaction score

Addresses the risk of unsuccessful taps

which improves reimbursable tap metrics

Successful taps reduce extended stay needs

by preventing overnight hospitalizations

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SMöLTAP is used only by prescription. Please refer to the instructions for use (IFU) for this product.

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