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The Aha Moment.

Brian Alverson and Ravi D’Cruz are MDs and colleagues passionate about their clinical care work and curious individuals who challenge the status quo. Ravi, who had been an architecture major in college before a pivot to medicine, retains a keen design thinking approach to his medical work. Brian is a seasoned pediatric ER clinician who has performed thousands of infant spinal taps over decades.  

When Ravi prompted Brian about the ‘challenges’ he faces as a pediatric MD, Brian had just completed an infant tap, which he described as among “the most frustrating and difficult” procedures he performs. Their discussion imagined a fixture that held the infant without the direct physical contact of a care team member. Both realized it as an ‘aha’ moment. Like all great ‘in the room’ stories, this one is best told first person.


From Idea to Reality: The SMöLTAP Innovation Story


Brian Alverson and Ravi D’Cruz are MDs and colleagues passionate about their clinical care work and curious individuals who challenge the status quo. Ravi, who had been an architecture major in college

We want to build a future where... (vision)


Meet the Team

The power of the SMöLTAP idea was self-evident to thought leaders from across clinical, operational, and patient experience domains. The project now enjoys the support, insight, and development expertise of a highly interdisciplinary team.

R Cooper.jpg

Robert Cooper 


brian Alverson.jpg

Dr. Brian Alverson, MD

Co-founder & Clinical Advisor

R DeCruz.jpg

Dr. Ravi D’Cruz, MD  

Co-founder & Clinical Advisor


Dan Nelsen

CEO, Nelsen Product Development

A Petrie.jpg

Aidan Petrie

Board Member  

E Bondi.jpg

Eric Biondi, MD 

Board Member

T Hutchinson.jpg

Tom Hutchison

Quality & Regulatory Expert

Lydia Shin Schroter.jpg

Lydia Shin Schroter 

Business Advisor

Maey Petrie-2.jpg

Maey Petrie 

Business Support

Al Huang.jpg

Al Huang 

Product Development Support 


Heather Godek

VP, Operations

parallax image.png


Embracing the smallest patients.

The word “smol” began as an internet meme that started circa 2018 as a web short-hand for “small.” In online parlance the word has come to mean not just small, but ‘adorably small’ in stature. It can relate to things, pets, people, and concepts, like SMöLTAP. We embrace its warm, welcoming sensibility to signal the transformative change we bring to a procedure with an outsize impact on our smallest patients.

brown download-1.png

New England Medical
Innovation Center

New England Medical Center (NEMIC) is a Med Tech venture hub that provides expert support, education, funding connections, and specialized expertise to innovators and entrepreneurs in the medical technologies space. We support the growth of startups by connecting teams to SMEs, facilitating clinical access, and providing a creative, productive co-working space where they can transform their medtech ideas into fundable and sustainable solutions.

brown download.png

The Charles H. Hood

The Charles H. Hood Foundation serves as a catalyst for positive change by funding emerging research that transforms the lives of children. By identifying innovative pediatric advancements and providing funding in the critical phases of development, we are able to expedite high-impact breakthroughs that improve the health and lives of millions.

brown download-2.png

Brown Biomedical Innovations Impact Fund

The Brown Biomedical Innovations to Impact (BBII) fund is an academic accelerator fund dedicated to supporting academic biomedical technologies—with potential for high impact—to become well-defined product opportunities that are attractive to industry partners and investors. 

A collaboration between the Brown Technology Innovations group and the Division of Biology and Medicine, BBII achieves its goals by funding translational research projects, advising and coaching teams, managing consulting and research collaborators, and exploring commercial development opportunities as initiatives progress



We enjoy the early-stage backing of leading biomedical innovation investors from the region and the world.

Bring SMöLTAP to
your ER.

A nationwide rollout of SMöLTAP cradles is underway. We are actively working with pediatric ER teams to ensure the expedited delivery of positioning cradles. The ideal way to ensure your team becomes a cradle early adopter is to reach out directly to our fulfillment team. 

Smoltap baby.png
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