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Reimagining the infant spinal tap experience


It's just not good enough.

The existing standard of care for infant spinal tap procedures is to utilize an expert team to physically position the infant and perform the lumbar puncture. Even under ideal conditions, 25% or higher, lumbar punctures are unsuccessful; often leading to hospitalization due to diagnostic ambiguity.








The first vision of the future.

SMöLTAP is an innovative positioning cradle that secures an infant in a consistent position for a tap. The solution is a compelling response to a frustrating need that can improve procedural stress to infant and team.

The Impact

By centering the spinal tap procedure around the SMöLTAP device—developed by hospitalists with years of firsthand experience in the field—the process can become more consistent and replicable. With SMöLTAP, the energy and focus of the team can shift from physically positioning the infant to tap accuracy and infant comfort.

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The power of a breakthrough idea.

During our market validation studies, MDs, nurses, and operations team members who partnered with us during our development process, along with those who are active in our pilot program, have had a similar reaction to the SMöLTAP experience:


“Why did it take so long? When can we get one for our unit?”

“I can’t believe something this needed hasn’t been developed until now.  I anticipate a lot of pent up interest…I have waited all my career for a device to make this procedure easier and I bet many others have as well.”

James J. O'Callaghan, MD

Hospitalist - Pediatrics

Seattle Children's

“Great idea for safer, easier, and more successful taps. About time! Great value proposition. I can't believe this is the first product to address this problem.”

Matthew Garber, MD

“The most common reason for a failed LP is the difficulty in positioning a baby. SMöLTAP solves the entire problem with such a simple and obvious solution that I'm honestly shocked it doesn't already exist.”

Eric Biondi, MD, MS

“The emotional, economic, and clinical value of the SMöLTAP product will be huge. This product would be ideal to elevate parent/patient satisfaction scores by minimizing discomfort for the infant and the emotional stress on the family.”

Jeremy Yardley, MD, FAAP

Bring SMöLTAP to
your ER.

A nationwide rollout of SMöLTAP cradles is underway. We are actively working with pediatric ER teams to ensure the expedited delivery of positioning cradles. The ideal way to ensure your team becomes a cradle early adopter is to reach out directly to our fulfillment team. 

Image by Daniel Thomas
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