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The process follows the need.

SMöLTAP helps to redirect the care team’s focus from hold dependency to tap accuracy. Our positioning cradle helps to improve the tap procedure by making the process more consistent and replicable.



The form follows the function.

The SMöLTAP cradle elegantly meets the positioning needs of both infants and clinicians. Its design includes features that simplify the positioning steps for tap procedures.

Care standards. 

The positioning cradle is designed to improve tap accuracy and reduce overall procedure stress for both patient and clinician. This new experience directly impacts the economics of pediatric care teams and hospitals.

May lower care team’s stress

by defining a predictable, trainable solution

Seeks to reduce patient and parent stress 

which can impact patient satisfaction score

Addresses the risk of a failed tap 

which improves reimbursable tap metrics

Successful taps reduce extended stay needs

by preventing overnight hospitalizations


The current protocol leaves room for error.


Physical positioning challenges.

In a typical pediatric ER setting, the Attending MD and up to 1-2 expert nurses will work together to manually secure and position the infant on their side with the spine arched to isolate the lumbar puncture site. It is challenging for the baby, parents, and team. 

Because the infant must be held securely throughout the process, there is a risk of suppressing their breathing. Further, the orientation preempts the use of a sugared binky and limits caregiver eye gaze, both calming elements for newborn patients.


Positioning support innovation.

The SMöLTAP cradle configures the child in a natural, upright, forward-leaning position. Their face peers through the massage table-like opening, where a sugar-dipped pacifier can be offered along with the calming presence of a nurse or parent. 

The infant-centered design pursues a more consistent and manageable procedure. The solution may improve first-attempt success rates, reducing clinical and economic risks. It also alleviates the infant, family, and the care team stressors posed by existing protocols.

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The infant-centered cradle design enables a more consistent and manageable procedure.

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SMöLTAP is used only by prescription. Please refer to the instructions for use (IFU) for this product.

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